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Why You Should Always Reach Out

Date: 10/20/2022

Time to Read: 1 minutes

For all the cringe I once felt around the word “networking”, I have become a big believer in it. The word brings back memories of nervously getting way too hyped up on acidic coffee and soggy muffins at conferences.

Networking does not get easier with age. It still takes a swift kick in the pants to reach out to old co-workers, a dream company, or someone I look up to. It is easy to run with the internal narrative that sending an email or making a phone call will have a negligible impact on anything.

Invariably, after the “hard work” of reaching out is done, I am happy that I did it. Side note: I can confidently say I feel the same way when I am on the receiving end of it too and someone reaches out to me.

These awkward moments present beautiful opportunities for collaboration. Whether the reward is a gratifying conversation in the moment or lucrative freelance contract “out of the blue” several years down the road, these little moments can drastically alter the course of your life. It is a power and terrifying realization if you are prone to FOMO.

One of my favorite mantras is “to make decisions based on opportunity and not based on fear.” Do not let feat rule the day. Instead think of the opportunity the next time you are about to skip reaching out to someone.

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