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Songs of the Week - Jan 11 2021

Date: 1/16/2021

Time to Read: 1 minutes

"BS" - Still Woozy

If ever there was a Zelda/video game beat this one is it. One of my dream jobs would still be doing the soundtracks for ski videos and this one would for sure land itself in a jibby and playful pillow segment.

"Good Days" - SZA

This one has the fluttering and ethereal video game soundscape going for it too. I will always have a soft spot for SZA and I love that she is still making music that is just as good as her wildly creative See.SZA.Run EP

"Charlie" - Oso Oso

Been returning to this whole album a lot the past couple weeks and it has cemented itself has one of my top 10 all time favorite albums at this point.

"Feel You" - My Morning Jacket

I somehow missed Waterfall II when it first came out this past summer. Since hearing "Feel You" for the first time last week the album has been on heavy rotation. It has also sent me on a nice trip down memory lane re-listening to their early albums.

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