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Introducing TroutX

Date: 8/1/2020

Time to Read: 1 minutes

I had the opportunity to build a unique outdoor recreation app this past year for the Colorado-based non-profit, Running Rivers, called TroutX. If you are not familiar with Running Rivers you can check them out at https://www.runningrivers.org/. The diversity and breadth of conservation focused projects they work on is incredible.

In short, TroutX is a conservation-minded trip planning platform. Growing out of the Flyathlon, a multi-sport event that integrates three activities that are surging in popularity; trail running, fly fishing, and craft beer, TroutX seeks to provide a resource that makes it easy to find places where you can bring these three activities together. While many enjoy these activities independently, we have found over the years that putting them together is even more enjoyable.

Building the TroutX application presented a set of unique constraints. For instance, Running Rivers staff needed to be able to easily add, edit, and delete courses featured in TroutX. The amount of data that goes into each course is sizable and is not just standard text. A course is composed of complex data such as the associated spatial data, an elevation profile dataset, the fish species present as well as their associated minimum and maximum fish lengths, to name a few.

I will likely detail the approach I took in developing TroutX in another blog post. In the interim, start exploring TroutX at https://troutx.org/.

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